Frozen Snacks

The main problem with fresh snack products is that people only have a finite time in which to eat them. If they are not consumed in this time the snack will end up spoiling and will have to be thrown away. For this reason a large number of people prefer to eat frozen snacks.

Storing food in the freezer significantly increases its shelf life. In some cases the snack can be left there for months or even years. This gives the person more freedom in terms of when they can eat it.

Ice Pops

This is a water based sweet snack that is created by placing a flavoured liquid into the freezer. A stick is often used as a handle to lick it. The liquid of an ice pop traditionally contains a type of fruit juice. Common examples include orange, lemon, strawberry and banana.

Ice Cream

This frozen dessert is created by freezing dairy products such as milk and cream. A huge variety of flavours can be added to it. Most ice cream is very high in sugar. It tends to be consumed during the hotter months of the year.


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10 January 2022