A fruit preserve can be made by mixing fruit with some form of preserving agent such as acid. Preserves tends to be stored within jars and can have a very long shelf life. The main purpose of a fruit preserve is to be used as a spread on snacks such as toast and scones.

It is surprisingly easy to make them. For this reason many households within the UK are well stocked with fruit preserves. They can take the form of jam, chutney or marmalade. Publications such as the Guardian even have stories about jam making contests.


This variant contains both the juice and peel from citrus fruits. These ingredients are mixed with boiling water and sugar. Common fruits to make marmalade with include lime, lemon, orange or grapefruit. It has more of a resemblance to jelly when compared to other preserves such as jam.


If people are looking for a more exotic preserve then they might choose chutney. It is an Indian relish made from fruit, herbs and spices. They tend to be eaten with a Papadam as the starter course before a main curry meal.

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